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Two Giant Builder's Bag Softwood Logs

Two Giant Builder's Bag Softwood Logs

Scotland's most sustainable woodfuel.

The obsession with burning hardwoods in stoves has meant that these perfectly good logs have been overlooked.

As they have been properly seasoned they store well, with no mould problems and they burn just as well as hardwoods but about 10% quicker.

However, with our price at over 12% cheaper than hardwoods they will still save you money on your log bill.

It is the same wood that the Briquettes are made from. Don't just take our word for it, try some today, you will be pleasantly surprised!

For the very best results we thoroughly recommend burning our logs with our briquettes which when combined will produce more heat than any hardwood logs and you can buy both cheaper by selecting the Lairds Choice in this section..

This pack size is ideal where the delivery point is within easy access for our truck and crane.

**Free delivery within 5 miles of the estate. Please call 01506 847999 for details of carriage charges outwith 5 miles**


Price: 169.00 (Including VAT at 5%)

Product Details

Two giant recyclable builder's bags (approx 400 Kilos) of seasoned Softwood logs.

Air dried naturally down to between 15% and 20% moisture and cut to between 8" and 10" in length.

Premises must have driveway access or be suitable for offloading by 3 metre lorry crane. If not suitable then the best option is small bags of logs of which there are approx 14 bags in a giant bag.

For delivery over 25 miles the only viable option is the Double Giant Bag, the price of which includes the delivery charge anywhere on the UK mainland.

If you normally mix logs with coal why not try our briquette logs to replace the coal. We find we get the best results from mixing briquettes with our logs in our woodburning stoves. About two thirds log and one third briquette. This way you will get a hotter fire that will last longer.

To get that fire going easily don't forget to buy some of our dry kindling and Waxling firelighters made from natural materials.

Note: How you store these logs after we deliver them is very important. They must be removed from the bags as soon as possible (preferably the same day) and stored in dry, well ventilated place

Note. By popular request we now include the smaller off-cuts in the bag as well as whole logs. These do not detract from the amount of good logs in each bag as they are random filled from our processing machine and fill the space left between the larger logs.

This is confirmed by the fact the bags are now at least 10% heavier than they were without the off-cuts.

The value of the off-cuts is first of all in saving the amount of kindling required to get a fire going and secondly for re-kindling a fire that has gone too low to get it going again by simply throwing on a whole log.


Logs and Woodfuel >  Firewood Logs, Wood Fuel - Ready To Burn : Firewood Logs : Air-Dried Softwood Logs - Ready to Burn
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