Garden Mulch, Woodchip

We produce two types of wood chip.

1. Mulched Woodchips - Perfect for planted areas - eliminates the need for regular weeding - a natural weed inhibitor - no chemicals. Does a better job than bark which tends to come in strips and doesn't give good coverage.

Our garden wood chip mulch is chopped into smaller pieces and looks more like dark brown soil giving better coverage and enhancing the appearance of plants and shrubs. Our mulched woodchips also help retain moisture in the soil throughout dry periods.

2. Fresh Woodchips - Ideal for paths, driveways, children's play areas and other amenity areas of the garden. A natural looking surface for barbecue areas and good for covering muddy bits after bad weather.

Also excellent for bridle paths, dog runs, chicken runs and woodland walks.

Note: This chip has not been tested to BS.EN1177 standard, however, is used by many of our customers in play areas.

Doesn't damage your mower like stone chips if they happen to migrate on to your lawn.