Types of Woodchip

We supply two types of woodchips, mulched for planted areas and fresh for play areas, paths and muddy bits etc.

Note: It is important that you do not use fresh woodchips in planted areas as they will leach the nitrogen out of the soil and the plants may die.

Mulched Woodchips

An excellent substitute for bark. Dark brown in colour and gives a lovely natural finish to your garden.

Avoid the regular chore of regular weeding by spreading a layer of our mulched woodchips around your shrub areas, flower beds and around the base of trees.

Not only will garden wood mulch inhibit weed growth and make your life easier, they also help retain moisture in the soil especially in the dry summer months and gives that natural 'forest floor' effect.

Fresh Woodchips

A very pleasing alternative to gravel or stone chips.

Our freshly cut woodchips are light in colour and are ideal for children's play areas, paths, driveways, barbecue areas, dog runs, horse exercise areas and are great for covering muddy bits (regularly seen at most outdoor shows when the ground is wet!).

Note: This chip has not been tested to BS.EN1177 standard, however, is used by many of our customers in play areas.

A natural product with no added chemicals or preservatives.

Check out our woodchip calculator to help you decide on the quantity required for your area.