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Air-Dried Softwood Logs - Ready to Burn - **SALE - UP TO 20% OFF**

Naturally Seasoned, Woodsure Approved, Air-Dried Mixed Softwood Logs below 20% moisture content

This is what we burn in our own woodburning stoves. Every bit as good as our hardwoods. They burn slightly quicker but this is cancelled out by the fact they are about 10% cheaper making them our best value for money. Also more sustainable than hardwoods.

These Woodsure Approved logs are made ready-to-burn using Mother Nature for our latest air drying process.

Cut trees are fully seasoned naturally using only sun and wind in our new open-ended polytunnels where we have seen the overall moisture content down as low as 10-15% before being processed into cut logs resulting in the same moisture content and quality of log as the kiln-dried logs.

Environmental and financial advantage - no kilns involved which produce massive amounts of CO2 and make the logs much more expensive to buy

Incidentally, the perception that hardwoods burn better than softwoods is a nonsense, both have the same calorific value relative to weight and moisture content. Mixed with our Champfleurie Briquettes these logs will produce more heat than hardwoods on their own.
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