Advice on what logs to buy

Advice from the Laird of Champfleurie - "I have been using woodburning stoves as a main source of heating since the 1970's so I suppose one might say I have served my apprenticeship and become an expert in the subject.

In all my years and many different types of stoves, I have discovered it is most important to get to know your stove and it's optimum settings. This is achieved very much by trial and error and changes with the weather conditions.

One fundamental rule however is always allow enough air for the wood to burn properly especially when closing it down at night. Never shut off the air completely.

We have been heating Champfleurie House, a 22 room Scottish Baronial Mansion, with wood fuel for over 30 years now with anything up to 7 wood burning stoves working at any one time and there is no doubt in my mind the best results come from mixing our briquettes with our logs. About two thirds log and one third briquette. This way you will get a hotter fire that will last longer and burn more effectively.

The perception that hardwoods burn better than softwoods is nonsense, both have the same calorific value relative to weight and moisture content.

The supply of hardwood logs is becoming unsustainable in Scotland. They usually come mainly from tree clearance activities where re-planting cannot be guaranteed.

Supplies of softwood logs on the other hand are sustainable and come from FSC managed forests and burn just as well as hardwoods.

A note about Kiln-Dried Logs - The extra cost of these logs is due to the fact that for every 10 tons we have to burn 3 tons of logs to kiln-dry the remaining 7 tons, which is one of the main reasons we suggest you consider our air-dried logs instead.

During the day we find mixing the Pine & Larch (softwood) logs with our briquettes gives the best results and overnight the briquettes help the stove stay lit virtually all night.The reason the briquettes work well with the logs is a much higher heat can be achieved much quicker so the hot stove and the chimney work more efficiently.

To achieve the above ratio, order a single 10kg pack of Briquettes to each Small Bag of logs, or a 10 x 10 kg pack for every Giant Bag of Logs. You can buy them both cheaper by selecting the Lairds Choice in each section.

Our Air-dried logs are best stored in a sheltered outside log store which allows maximum ventilation but prevents them getting wet.

If you require any advice on any aspect of burning wood fuel please do not hesitate to contact us on or by calling us on 01506 847999.