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TGB Sunroom Summerhouse

TGB Sunroom Summerhouse

**Price shown includes delivery and installation up to 50 miles from the estate. Please call 01506 847999 for details of charges outwith 50 miles.**

This Summerhouse is built to our highest specification and comes complete with premier 18mm cladding, 18mm flooring and 38kg heavy duty grey mineral felt as standard. Diagonal bracing. Two fixed front windows with 3" x 2" casements. Four fixed side windows with 3" x 2"

Two opening windows in rear. Double doors to accommodate double glazing as do the windows.

Toughened glass throughout. Chrome ironmongery, decorative fascia board, door drips, window cills and heavy duty felt are all included.

We do not use chipboard or sterling boards to cut costs in our buildings.

All our buildings are treated both internally and externally before delivery and installation is made, we do however recommend that you treat the building within 3 weeks of purchase with Sadolin Classic.

All timber on our website are not nominal sizes, this means the size of the timber after it has been machined. i.e Nominal 16mm becomes 12mm when finished. There can be a slight variation of up to 1mm either way, this is outwith our control. Optional log lap cladding available on request.

Please note: Cladding and Flooring - 16mm becomes 12mm, 19mm becomes 15mm and 22mm becomes 18mm.
Framing - 50mm x 38mm becomes 44mm x 32mm, 50mm x 50mm becomes 44mm x 44mm and 75mm x 50mm becomes 70mm x 44mm.
Colour - Light Brown

Eaves Height: 2030mm (80") - Rear
Ridge Height: 2220mm (91") - Front
Door: 1790mm (70") x 1125mm (44")
Front Windows: 1740mm (69") x 919mm (36")
Side Windows: 1740mm (69") x 919mm (36")
Rear Windows: 720mm (28") x 405mm (16")
Framing: 70mm (2.75") x 44mm (1.73")
Cladding: 18mm (0.71") x 121mm (4.7")
Flooring: 18mm (0.71") x 121mm (4.7").

Available in 8 sizes :-
10' x 8' - 3048mm (120") x 2438mm (96").
10' x 10' - 3048mm (120") x 3048mm (120").
12' x 8' - 3658mm (144") x 2438mm (96").
12' x 10' - 3658mm (144") x 3048mm (120").
14' x 8' - 4267mm (168") x 2438mm (96").
14' x 10' - 4267mm (168") x 3048mm (120").
16' x 8' - 4876mm (192") x 2438mm (96")
16' x 10' - 4876mm (192") x 3048mm (120")

Battens - Please see section 'What the Laird Recommends' regarding the purpose of the battens. We suggest one batten per 2' length of building plus one, so four battens for 6' and 5 battens for 8' etc. However on buildings more than 10' we recommend a further extra batten ie 7 battens for 10' and 8 battens for 12' etc.

**Please select options carefully**

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**Price shown includes delivery and installation up to 50 miles from the estate. Please call 01506 847999 for details of charges outwith 50 miles.**


Logs and Woodfuel >  Summer Houses
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