Seasoning is the most important factor in producing good firewood logs.

In the case of our kiln-dried logs seasoning occurs usually within a week but is more expensive due to the cost of producing the high temperatures required in the kilns and this is reflected in the price of the logs. The extra cost of these logs is also due to the fact that for every 10 tons we have to burn 3 tons of logs to kiln-dry the remaing 7 tons, which is one of the main reasons we suggest yopu consider our air-dried logs instead.

With our latest air drying process on the other hand using Mother Nature's Kiln, cut trees are now fully seasoned naturally using only sun and wind (no more kilns producing massive amounts of CO2) in our new open ended polytunnel stores where we have seen the overall moisture content down as low as 15-20% before being processed into cut logs resulting in same quality of log as the kiln-dried logs.

The popularity of our air-dried logs is highlighted by a doubling of sales year on year. The best time to stock up for the winter on air-dried logs is in July each year when we have our log sale.

Never buy logs by weight alone. Always consider the moisture content and volume as well, otherwise you are paying good money just for water and logs that will not burn well.

Our giant bag of logs would weigh over 600 kilos if filled with unseasoned logs. Our seasoning and drying process reduces this weight to as low as 190 kilos at best, but the quantity of logs and the volume remain the same.