Log Splitting

The Hakke Pilke processor can saw up to 17" diameter timber into 8-inch sections or rounds which is then split by a built-in 8-way axe producing 8 logs at a single strike of it's 15 ton hydraulic ram!

We try to ensure our logs are an ideal size for most wood burning stoves and log burning central heating system as well as open fires.

The logs are then taken straight from the log processor by conveyor into a tumbler which removes splinters and small pieces etc and the good logs are then dropped straight into our Giant Builders Bags.

Note. By popular request we now include the smaller off-cuts in the bag as well as whole logs. These do not detract from the amount of good logs in each bag as they are random filled from our processing machine and fill the space left between the larger logs.

This is confirmed by the fact the bags are now at least 10% heavier than they were without the off-cuts.

The value of the off-cuts is first of all in saving the amount of kindling required to get a fire going and secondly for re-kindling a fire that has gone too low to get it going again by simply throwing on a whole log.