How to get the best from our logs

As a Woodsure Approved supplier we only supply your firewood logs when the moisture content is below 20%.

We put an enormous effort into making sure our logs are properly seasoned, dry and ready to burn in wood-burning stoves, log-burning central heating systems and open fires.

Burning only Woodsure Approved logs properly will ensure your chimney will keep much cleaner than using logs above 20% moisture content.

Keep them dry. Remove them from the bag as soon as possible. They can be stored in a log store as long as it is protected from the wind and rain to prevent them getting damp. You can also store the logs inside, in a garage, or shed.

Always stack them properly with the first row facing one way and the second row at right angles to the first and so on up the stack. This allows the maximum airflow to travel through the logs. If you stack them all the same way then they may start to sweat and become damp or mouldy.

Burn them properly, the ultimate aim is a wisping flame
One fundamental rule is always allow enough air for the wood to burn properly especially when closing it down at night. Never shut off the air completely.

How to set the fire
First place a firelighter in the centre of the stove and using some kindling build a small tent like structure around the firelighter to prevent the flame from being smothered. Our Waxling firelighters are very efficient requiring only one Waxling to light a fire. Then place a few smaller logs around the structure and light the firelighter. Close the stove door(s) and ensure all vents are fully or at least partially open.

Once the fire gets going then add more logs and a few pieces of briquettes on top of them and adjust the air vents accordingly.

A good guide to when the air vents in your stove are set correctly is when the flame is wisping and not roaring or nearly snuffed out. Filling a stove with logs and damping it down straight away, stops the 'volatiles' from burning and generates a lot of smoke and tar that is bad for your chimney, your health and the environment.

Assuming the logs are Woodsure Approved tar deposits on the glass front and inside the stove are usually a sign of not enough air getting into the fire or your stove is not working properly (See section on How to get the best from your woodburning stove).

Open the air vents a little more until the flame is wisping and allow the stove and the chimney to get a bit hotter. If this is happening overnight it is usually a sign that the logs haven't been burned hot enough before reducing the vents on the last fire of the evening.

We find we get the best results in wood burning stoves by mixing Champfleurie Briquettes with our logs. About two thirds log and one third briquette. This way you will get a much hotter fire that will last much longer.

Use them safely
Most hardwoods will not spark but the pine and larch log are more likely to. This will not be a problem with wood burning stoves unless a door is left open, but please take care when using on an open fire, especially when unattended. It is best to use a very close mesh fireguard in these circumstances or consider burning only our briquette logs which do not spark. Briquettes are also ideal for chimenea's, barbecues and firepits.

Smoke Control Areas
Within a smoke control zone, wood can only be burned on Exempted Appliances (Defra Approved) pursuant to Smoke Control (Exempted Fireplaces) Orders. It is illegal to burn wood in any other device and illegal to deliver wood (for burning) to properties within the area for use in non-conforming devices. By placing your log order with us we presume you have checked on your legal obligations beforehand and that the regulations regarding the burning of wood logs in your area will be strictly adhered to.

If you are in any doubt check with your local authority environmental health officer. Local to us, Edinburgh, Falkirk and North Lanarkshire are all Air Quality Management Areas.

Remember - The ultimate aim is a wisping flame.

If you require any advice on any aspect of burning wood fuel please do not hesitate to contact us on or by calling us on 01506 847999.