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Logs and Woodfuel >  Firewood Logs, Wood Fuel

Seasoned Cut Logs, Briquettes, Heating Pellets, Kindling, Firelighters and Log Stores

Firewood logs and Wood Fuel delivered anywere in West Lothian, Edinburgh. throughout Scotland and around the UK

Well-Seasoned Cut Logs, a choice of Air-Dried and Kiln-Dried Hardwoods, Air-Dried Softwoods.
Perfect for wood burning stoves and chimneas. Briquette Logs - non-sparking wood fuel made from waste sawdust - convenient alternative to logs, coal and charcoal. Ideal for wood burning stoves, chimneas and open fires.

Seasoned Hardwood Logs.
Perfect for woodburning stoves and log burning heating systems.
Cut to a length that will fit into even the smallest stove such as the Morso, our well seasoned hardwood logs will provide the maximum heat for your money.
We have large quantities of hardwood logs for sale and deliver all over Scotland and the UK.

Seasoned Softwood Logs.
The most sustainable supply of logs in Scotland. This mixture of larch and pine firewood logs are very good value for money being less expensive than our hardwood logs.
They are seasoned for much longer than required. As a result they burn extremely well in wood burning stoves.
We have large quantities of softwood logs for sale and deliver all over Scotland and the UK.

Kiln-Dried Hardwood Logs.
These logs are below 20% moisture content and in most cases below 15%. Although we prefer natural air drying of logs we cannot deny the convenience of kiln-dried logs which can be stored inside the house or in a garage or dry shed without the need for a special log store outside. Especially so in the winter months when it becomes more difficult for us to keep our naturally dried hardwoods from re-absorbing dampness from the air often resulting in mould growth if not stored in a suitable log store.

Wood Fuel Briquettes.
Manufactured from larch and pine trees these wood fuel briquettes are grown in FSC managed forests throught Central Scotland.
These wood briquettes are a perfect example of a sustainable heating fuel.
They are hydraulically compressed which makes them much denser than ordinary logs, occupying about a third of the storage space of ordinary logs.
More importantly they also burn for much longer, give off more heat than ordinary logs and do not spark.
Also ideal for use in wood fired hot tubs.

Brackettes Bracken Briquettes.
These 'Super Logs' are made from 100% bracken. Yes, bracken. that fern-like nuisance plant that covers 2.5 million acres of the UK countryside.

Starter Pack for Wood Burning Stoves.
Because we now have a wide choice of fuels for your wood burning stove we have produced this starter pack which contains a selection of all our wood, straw and oilseed fuels enabling you to try out and decide which suits you best before committing to larger quantities.

Verdo Wood Heating Pellets.
Designed especially to burn in wood pellet boilers, these 6mm pellets are manufactured from wood from sustainable forests throughout Central Scotland.
Many of the pellets on the market today come from other countries in Europe and the continent defeating the whole ethos of burning wood fuels to reduce CO2 emissions.

Firewood Kindling.
Made in Central Scotland from recycled timber from the building and joinery industries. Excellent for getting any fire started quickly and easily.

Log Stores.
Even if you buy your logs dry and well-seasoned you still have to store them in a dry airy place otherwise mould can develop, especially on hardwoods . These log stores will provide you with the ideal storage facility for both dry, seasoned and for seasoning green logs.

Log Splitters.
Although we can control the length of our logs to between 8" and 10" by setting our processing machine, we can't always control how 'fat' they are. This is determined by the diameter of trees we happen to be processing - the larger the diameter the fatter the wedge of log will be.
Most wood burning stoves will cope with the size of our logs but just in case you have a very small stove or want to get more heat you can split them further using one of our powerful log splitters.

Logs and Woodfuel >  Firewood Logs, Wood Fuel
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