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Woodchips - Mulched and Freshly Cut

Woodchip storeWoodchips are a natural product with no added chemicals or preservatives. They do no harm to the environment and enhance any garden area.

Woodchips are a desirable mulch for home landscapes and an effective and affordable way to enhance and protect your landscape plantings.

Mulched Woodchips

Mulched woodchips in garden shrub bedsSpreading a layer of woodchips around your shrub areas, flower beds and around the base of trees help you avoid the regular chore of weeding.

Mulched Woodchips
(approx 20 -27 Kilos)

Giant Bag Mulched Woodchips
approx 220-275 kilos)

Freshly Cut Woodchips
(approx 15 -20 Kilos)

Giant Bag Freshly Cut Woodchips
(approx 150-200 kilos)

Free delivery within 5 miles of the estate

And an added benefit is the nice dark colour of this chip contrasts well with plants and flowers, making them stand out even more.

Mulched woodchips also, help retain moisture in the soil especially in the dry summer months and gives that natural 'forest floor' effect to your garden, walks and paths.

Champfleurie Estate supply mulched woodchips in a standard size bag of 20-27 kilos covering an area of approx 0.1 cubic metres and a giant bag size containing 220-275 kilos able to cover approx 0.725 cubic metres.

Freshly Cut Woodchips

Fresh woodchips around wooden garden seatFreshly cut woodchips are ideal for children's play areas, paths, roads, driveways, barbecue areas, dog runs, horse exercise areas, bridle paths and are great for covering all those muddy bits (regularly seen at most outdoor shows when the ground is wet!).

Champfleurie Estate freshly cut woodchips are also available in standard size bags of 15 -20 Kilos covering an area of approx 0.1 cubic metres and in a giant bag of 220-275 kilos in a large, recyclable builder's bag covering an area of approx 0.725 cubic metres.

Double Giant Woodchip BagBoth mulched and freshly cut woodchips are also available in Double Giant Bag sizes for larger areas of cover.

Woodchip Calculator

Woodchip calculatorAs a guide you can calculate your requirements by entering the area of ground you wish to cover and the depth of chips or bark you wish to lay using our online woodchip calculator. 25mm (1") to 50mm (2") is normal.

Equestrian chips may require to be deeper depending on the under base.

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