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Logs and wood fuels for open fires and wood-burning stoves

Log fires at Christmas, other special occasions or indeed at any time at all. Even if you don't burn logs regularly there is nothing to beat the smell and glow of a real log fire.

Logs are also ideal for use in Fire Pits and Chimeneas in the summertime to extend the warm (or, sometimes, not so warm) summer evenings.

Small Bag of Seasoned Cut Logs** (approx 20-25 Kilos)

Giant Bag Seasoned Cut Logs** (approx 200-250 kilos)

Double Giant Bag* Seasoned Cut Logs** (approx 400-500 kilos)

If you normally mix logs with coal why not try our blazer logs to replace the coal.

Dry Seasoned Cut Logs

Champfleurie Estate supply logs in various pack sizes and distribute them throughout the UK.

Log Burning is Environmentally Friendly

With the cost of Gas and Electricity soaring, heating your main living area with logs or wood fuel is one way of reducing your energy bill and at the same time contributing to the reduction in CO2 emissions (wood carbon is neutral).

Champfleurie Estate

Champfleurie Estate for Logs and WoodfuelOver half of our estate is populated by trees (mostly hardwoods). These woodlands carry a tree preservation order so considerate management is absolutely essential.

We appreciate that the beauty of these woodlands came about as a result of unselfish planting throughout the last 200 years and feel it is our duty to continue this practice in order to preserve this natural asset for future generations.

Replacement tree programme

Many of our hardwood trees were planted by Sir Thomas White over 200 years ago and are coming to the end of their natural life.

In the last 18 years we have seen a substantial number of trees fall by occasional high winds and simply old age.

To counteract this loss over 1000 young hardwood trees were planted in 1999 and they are now well established.

There has also been launched a continuous programme of re-generation and further hardwood plantings are planned in the future.

Processing logsLog Processing

The mature trees, which come from both our own fallen hardwoods and from the activities of local registered tree surgeons (which was previously going to landfill) are stored for at least 2 years before being cut into rounds and then split into logs.

Finishing and cutting to cut logs

At the beginning of each year the seasoned timber is split into cut logs approx 8 to 10" in length and placed into large 2-cubic metre storage crates.

Every effort is made to ensure our logs are an ideal size for use in open fires, wood-burning stoves and log-burning central heating systems.

Air Dried natural logs

Logs drying in log storeThe logs are air dried naturally for the whole of the summer ready for sale the following winter.

That way our logs are down to between 15% and 20% moisture so they burn much better, much cleaner, (especially noticeable with glass-fronted stoves) and give out much more heat than recently cut logs.

The popularity of Chamfleurie Estate logs has resulted in a doubling of production year on year.

Never buy logs by weight alone

Always consider the moisture content and volume as well otherwise you are paying good money just for for water. Our giant bag of logs would weigh over 600 kilos if filled with unseasoned logs.

Our drying process reduces this weight to as low as 190 kilos at best but the volume remains the same.

How to get the best from your logs

Champfleurie Estate put every effort into making sure your logs are properly seasoned, dry and ready to burn in open fires, wood-burning stoves or log-burning central heating systems.

We trust you will find them to be the best logs you have ever purchased.

Keep your logs dry

We only remove your logs from their airing crates immediately prior to delivery so as to ensure they as dry as can be when you receive them.

Once you receive your logs remove them from the bag as soon as possible.

They are best stored in a dry ventilated place (check out our Log Store on Champfleurie Estate website) and brought into the house at least 24 hours before burning.

A log basket beside the fire is an ideal place to 'finish them off'.

Burn your logs properly

Like other fuels, wood logs need plenty of air to burn well.

It is best to allow a fresh change of logs to burn freely until they almost turn to charcoal and only then to 'damp' down the fire by reducing the air supply.

Filling a stove with logs and damping it down straight away, stops the 'volatiles' from burning and generates a lot of smoke and tar that is bad for health and the environment.

Use your logs safely

Most hardwood logs will not spark but the occasional ancient pine log in our bags are more likely to.

This will not be a problem with wood burning stoves unless a vent or door is left open, but please take care when using an open fire, especially when unattended.

It is best to use a very close mesh fireguard in these circumstances or consider burning only Blazer Logs.

Prevent Chimney Fires

Chimneys need to be swept at least once a year in order to avoid the risk of a chimney fire and carbon monoxide poisoning.

As with the burning of any fuel for the production of heat, wood and wood logs can produce this poisonous gas if the flue or chimney is blocked, the equipment is faulty or there is a lack of ventilation.

Smoke Control Areas

Within a smoke control zone, wood and logs can only be burnt on Exempted Appliances pursuant to Smoke Control (Exempted Fireplaces) Orders.

It is illegal to burn wood in any other device and illegal to deliver wood or logs (for burning) to properties within the area for use in non-conforming devices.

By placing your log order with us we presume you have checked on your legal obligations beforehand and that the regulations regarding the burning of wood logs in your area will be strictly adhered to.

If you are in any doubt check with your local authority environmental health officer. Local to us, Edinburgh, Falkirk and North Lanarkshire are all Air Quality Management Areas.

For further information on all aspects of log burning check the website


Logs are delivered FREE within 5 miles of the estate. Call 01506 847999 for details of carriage charges outwith 5 miles and up to 25 miles.

For log deliveries over 25 miles the most economical purchase is the Double Giant Bag as the price includes the delivery charge by Palletline to anywhere on the UK mainland.

* This is a large bag about 6' tall and weighing nearly half a ton. It is important that you understand our carrier is contracted to deliver it to the kerbside, however most drivers will do their best to get the pallet as close as possible to your property as long as the ground is even and not on a slope. It may well be in certain circumstances you may have to topple the bag and transport the logs yourself by barrow or other means into your garage or shed etc.

** All bags of cut logs, air dried naturally down to between 15% and 20% moisture and approx 8 to 10" in length.

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