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Plan for 6-Sided BBQ House

Plan for 6-Sided BBQ House

Product Details

The overall height to the top of the chimney is 355cm. The height to the top of the eaves overhang is 220cm.

The widths of 304cm, 265cm and 295cm shown on the drawing are for the base only and do not include the roof overhang of 30cm all round making a total of 60cm in overall width at the extended point of the eaves.

A level hard core topped with a concrete base or paving slabs is all that is required. All the weight is distributed onto the upright posts and under the BBQ table in the centre of the building. Total area 6 square metres.

For the base we suggest first removing any top soil and then laying 4" (100mm) of hard core (rolled preferably) then placing 25 of 600mm x 50mm paving slabs onto a sharp sand mix in a square formation (5 slabs x 5 slabs).

This will provide a 3 metre x 3 metre base which will be more than adequate for the 6-sided BBQ House. However you may wish to make the base larger than this to provide an amenity area around the house.


Logs and Woodfuel >  Zest BBQ Shelters, BBQ Houses
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