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Woodlets Premium Heating Pellets -Pallet of 98 x 10kg Bags Collect only

Woodlets Premium Heating Pellets -Pallet of 98 x 10kg Bags Collect only

Why not save more money by collecting a full pallet of 98 x 10 Kilo Bags - 980 kilos Premium Heating Pellets from here on the estate just outside Linlithgow.

Please Note: This pallet weighs nearly a ton. It is important that you collect with a suitable vehicle or trailer capable of carrying a ton safely otherwise we may have to refuse to load you if we feel it is unsafe to do so.

Please be aware. If we can't load the full pallet straight onto your vehicle or trailer then you may have to break into the pallet and handball the bags into your vehicle yourself.


High quality 6mm diameter heating pellets designed especially for wood pellet heating systems.

Price: 285.00 (Including VAT at 5%)

Product Details

A full pallet of 980kg x 6mm super premium quality wood fuel heating pellets packed in convenient 10 kg bags.

Manufactured in the UK. Made from sustainable forestry: FSC Certified.

More heat with less pellets.

Complies with ENplusA1 and fully BSL & RHI compliant.

Energy Guaranteed 4800 Kilowatt of heat per hour per ton

98 x 10kg bags produce 4704 kw of heat.

100% Grown and produced in the UK. 100% renewable energy. Low carbon emissions.

Low ash content - The quantity of ash is also set by ENPlus A1 at <0.7% allowable ash per Kg of pellets burnt, which translates into a typical household generating 35 Kg of ash for 5 tonnes of pellets burnt. Woodlets have an average ash content of <0.2%, therefore generating an industry wide low of 10kg of ash for every 5 tonnes burnt. Pellet samples are tested to ensure we maintain this standard.

Clean and easy to handle - Minimal dust - No small pellet fragments - A uniform pellet length - A consistent colour - No contaminates - No clumps of pellets.

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