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White Rock Salt - 25kg

White Rock Salt - 25kg

Don't let winter ice and snow result in an accident.

Treat your paths and roadways with our clean White Rock Salt.


Product Details

White de-icing salt is formed in sunnier climates by evaporating sea water, so for this reason is a bit cleaner and purer than the traditional rock salt. This process of drying the white salt removes the majority of insoluble impurities, yielding close to 99.9% sodium chloride.

Due to the considerably lower percentage of impurities in white rock salt, it leaves surfaces much cleaner and aesthetically appealing, with none of the muddy residue which is characteristic of brown rock salt.

Reduces the freezing point of water, preventing ice from forming and melting snow as it falls.

It can be applied before snow falls or ice forms as a preventative or applied afterwards to melt the ice to make the surface safe for people and vehicles to use.

Carpets are particularly susceptible to treading in salt during the winter months and so white rock salt is much easier to clean.

White salt is also slightly finer than brown rock salt, meaning it is easier to handle and spread on the ground.

Used by schools, hospitals, airports and domestic properties that need to be kept safe at all times.

Packed in 25kg bags.

Important fact - when comparing our prices with bulk bags please take into acount that the average weight in a builders bag is only 800 kg - equivalent to 32 x 25kg bags.

The advantage of 25kg bags you can move them around more easily and carry or wheelbarrow them to the exact area where you require them.

Please note that delivery is officially kerbside, however we will always do our best to ensure goods are placed within the customer's property boundary where possible.

**Free delivery within 5 miles of the estate. Please call 01506 847999 for details of carriage charges outwith 5 miles**


Logs and Woodfuel >  De-Icing White Rock Salt
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