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Sorbeo Wood Pellet Horse Bedding - 55 x 18kg

Sorbeo Wood Pellet Horse Bedding - 55 x 18kg

High quality wood pellets designed especially for horse bedding. Cheaper alternative to wood shavings and much more absorbant.

Price: 329.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

Product Details

Sorbeo bedding pellets fluff up into a dry and easily forked bed. Just add a dash of water to a bag and within minutes super absorbent sorbeo bedding is ready for spreading. But won’t water make bedding damp? Absolutely not. It simply activates the pellets which fluff up into soft, long-lasting dust free bed.

Made from sustainable premium grade timber from Scotland’s forests. Pale spruce timber is fed into the sorbeo pellet maker which drives out every milligram of moisture, reducing the weight of each bag to a manageable 18kg. That means you’re not paying for unwanted moisture - let your horse produce that! That’s less weight to transport and lower carbon emissions.

Making a sorbeo bed couldn’t be easier. Just lay out your bags of sorbeo flat on the stable floor. Cut along the dotted line on each bag. Add water to each opened bag. (now go riding or have a cup of tea). Come back to find the sorbeo bags have doubled and trebled in size! Simply empty the bags and spread the fluffed up bedding evenly around the stable. All done. Keep the bed up to scratch by adding one bag of sorbeo each week.See video below.

Mucking out with sorbeo is less of a chore and never a bore. Dry sorbeo actually drops away from your fork. Forget straw and shavings which throw up dust and just pile up on the muck heap. With sorbeo it’s just the muck that ends up in the barrow. sorbeo bedding stays almost as fresh as the day you put it down. Less waste, less work, less expense.

The pellets have been heated to a high temperature to remove possible allergens thus making it entirely safe for your horse.

Advantages:- High absorbency - less dust and risk of allergies - odour free.

Makes a firm, fine texture, safe bed which sifts easily to remove dung, therefore reducing cleaning time.

Space saving - minimal storage space required. Reduced consumption resulting in much smaller midden.

Environmentally friendly - safe to spread on fields or use in garden .

Please note that delivery is officially kerbside, however we will always do our best to ensure goods are placed within the customer's property boundary where possible.

Free delivery within 25 miles of the estate. Please call 01506 847999 for details of carriage charges outwith 25 miles.


Logs and Woodfuel >  Sorbeo Horse Bedding Pellets
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