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Champfleurie Premium Wood Fuel Briquettes Trial Pack

Champfleurie Premium Wood Fuel Briquettes Trial Pack

These wood fuel briquettes help get your stove hotter than logs on their own would ever do and reach the optimum temperature quickly for maximum burning efficiency.

Will produce more heat than hardwoods on their own. Save money with our Laird's Choice Softwood log deal.

Price: 19.00 (Including VAT at 4.97%)

Product Details

Pack consists of 2 x single 10kg bags and the price includes delivery by Parcelforce anywhere on the UK mainland. Each pack wrapped in recyclable polyethylene LDPE.

A superb environmentally friendly and convenient alternative to coal, logs, coke or charcoal with the added benefit of minimal storage space.

These wood fuel logs are made from a mixture of dried virgin pine. larch and spruce compressed under high pressure to form a stable briquette with a high calorific value.

No additives or binders. The natural lignin in the wood binds them using heat and high pressure in the production process.

No sparks or spitting. They are twice as dense as kiln-dried logs and burn much hotter and for longer than ordinary logs. Capable of burning for over 4 hours in a wood burning stove on a low air setting.

High calorific value of 4.6 kw hours per kg (46 kwh of heat from each 10 kg bag) and less CO2 as wood is carbon neutral. They burn right down to the ash without the need for occasional raking. We have known them to burn for more then 8 hours overnight in a Jotul dedicated wood burner.

Please note - These briquettes are highly compressed and are equal to about 4 times their size in volume and heat, so it is important you take this into account when filling your stove or fire. For that reason don't use them whole, break them by striking them off another briquette and do not overfill.

Less storage space required - a 10 kg bag containing 5 briquettes measures only 47cm x 29.5cm x 9cm. Each briquette measures approximately 29.5cm x 9cm in diameter but is easily broken down into smaller pieces for smaller stoves by hitting one against the other.

Clean to handle, no additives, no resin, no insects, no dirt. Ideal for wood burning stoves, open fires, log burning central heating systems, chimneas and fire pits.

Less tar, cleaner chimneys, clean and easy to handle, leaving very little ash.


Moisture Content typically 7 to 8% with a maximum of 11%

Ash 0.3%

Calorific Value 4.6 kwh per kg (16.61 Mj/kg) - 4600 kwh/tonne

Free delivery anywhere on the UK mainland.

To get that fire going easily don't forget to buy some of our wood kindling and Waxling firelighters made from natural materials.


Logs and Woodfuel >  Firewood Logs, Wood Fuel - Ready To Burn : Champfleurie Premium Wood Fuel Briquettes
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