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Log Stores

Log Store Log Store 90.83 + vat
Log Chest Log Chest 148.33 + vat

Wooden Firewood Log Stores

If you rely on firewood for your heating there is only one way to store logs and that is in an outside log store designed to allow plenty air circulation and no rain penetration. Storing in a shed or garage with little or no ventilation is not to be recommended.

You can easily make your own log store cheaply using secondhand pallets and our amazing Toptex breathable water resistant material or better stiill, buy a more substantial store from our easy to assemble range of quality log stores including our bespoke range from TGB.

Pressure treatment is superior to other preservative methods as the preserving agent is infused deep into the timber rather than applied to the surface. Nelwy treated timber has a light green tinge or green spotting on the surface caused by salt leaving the timber during the treatment process. This will fade over time and does not affect the durability of the product.

Please note - Pressure Treated products should not be treated with any other products for the first 6 months to allow the product to dry naturally.

We would draw your attention to the fact that wood is a natural material and will be subject to weathering and movement as it seasons. It is not uncommon for small splits and shakes to occur when drying, or warping when drying too rapidly. These will normally be rectified when the humidity rises. This is nature at work and should not be considered a fault. This will not affect the strength and durability of the product. If you are concerned about a split or crack, generally if a 2 pence piece will fit easily into it then please contact us.
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