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TopTex Log and Woodchip Covers

TopTex Logstore and Breathable Weatherproof Covers

Plastic sheeting is the worst thing you can use to cover your logs, it makes logs sweat, wetter and mouldier. However, this amazing material known as Toptex keeps the rain out but lets air through, making the ideal storage conditions for your logs. We use it ourselves to cover large areas of partially cut timber awaiting the processor.

You can also use it to cover the sides of your log store to prevent driving rain soaking your logs and you can make the ideal roller door for the front of your store by simply tacking the Toptex to a piece of brush shaft the same width as the door and fix the other end to the top of the store using a piece of flat wood. Then screw a cup hook into either end of the brush shaft, roll the door up and fix two nails at the top of your store in line with the cup hooks enabling the door to be held open when removing logs.
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